UUC Transmission Bushing mounts

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  • RED: Upgraded transmission mounts track cars, racecars, or street cars with extreme power.
  • BLACK: ISOLATED recommended for street cars, occassional light track duty.
  • BLUE: ISOLATED recommended for street cars that see track use or have higher power levels.
  • High-durometer urethane bushings are stiff enough to provide nearly flex-free support, yet still absorb some amount of vibration.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • Option: add high grade aluminum Enforcer Cups (sold in pairs) which reinforce the transmission bushings.


Fitment (sold as a PAIR):


2006-2012 E82/E88: M Coupé, 135i, 128i

2005-2012 E90/E90N/E91/E92/E92N/E93N: (all coupe/sedan/convertible) 335i/is/d, 330i, 328i, 325i, 323i
1999-2006 E46: M3, 330/Ci, 328i/Ci, 325i/Ci, 323i/Ci, 320i
1992-1999 E36: M3, 328i, 325i/is, 323i, 320i, 318i, 318ti

2002-2008 E85/E86/E89: Z4 M3.2, Z4 35i/is, Z4 30i, Z4 3.0i/si, Z4 2.5i
1996-2001 E36/7/8 Z3: MZ3, 3.0i, 2.8, 2.5i, 2.5

1997-2003 E39: M5, 540i, 530i, 528i, 525i




What's a Transmission Mount?

The transmission mount is an integral part of the drivetrain support which isolates the cabin from powertrain vibration and noise when you drive your car. To understand the technicalities of the transmission mount, there are a few items that should covered.

Vibration Absorber

First and foremost, the purpose of a transmission mount is to isolate vibration from the interior cabin. Without it, your interior cabin noise will increase to the point where it would be uncomfortable to drive any significant amount of time.

Deflection Fighter

The transmission mount is also used to combat transmission/powertrain movement during driving. Since the transmission is connected to the back of the engine, it is the engine which is doing the twisting when one accelerates or decelerates (engine braking). Since the engine has it's own mounts, the transmission also has it's own. Whereas some movement is expected, too much movement will cause the transmission to become misaligned with the interior of the car. When the transmission is not in the same position, it may lead "mis-shifting" (shifting into the incorrect gear). Generally, a mis-shift causes an engine to over-rev and cause extensive internal damage. Especially in an E36 M3, it generally means a few thousand dollars in repairs (and that's why they call it the "money shift"!).

The Ideal Mount

The ideal transmission mount will both absorb vibration as the factory intended as well as minimize the amount of transmission movement during spirited driving. By firming up the transmission mounts, your gear shifts will become more precise than when you car was new from the factory.

Our bushings even incorporate the small notch required for certain models including E46 330i/Ci 6-speed.

Hundreds of drivers from daily driven cars to full blown race cars have gained the benefit of the TME with near elimination transmission movement. Speedvision teams such as TC Kline, Turner Motorsport, and ERT to name a few, have all benefited from the TME. Are you next?

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Transmission Bushing Mounts - High Performance Upgrades

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