Kinobi Lighting BOV Plumb Kit UPGRADE Instructions Download

Kinobi Lighting BOV Plumb Kit UPGRADE Instructions

– This kit Upgrades your Blow-Off Valve (or diverters) –

Installing Tips:

1) Inspect and all parts are in your kit prior to installing. We quality check/test every product before it goes out our door. You should be good to go! If any thing is not in order, best to contact us before taking your automobile apart.

2) REMOVE Existing Hose from your kit. Do not create a “T" fitting with this kit, the NPT Fitting is a dedicated direct source from the Intake manifold to the BOV (or diverters).

3) Have a beer waiting for you at the end to celebrate. 

Tools Required: Power Drill (for NPT Threader & drill bit) • Flat Head Screw Driver (optional for taking off existing hose) • Pliers (handy to have) • Adjustable Wrench (for NPT fitting bolting to manifold)

Steps to installing Kit and removing Headlight Cover: 

You can Download "steps to removing your BMW headlight assembly and installing white halo-angel eye rings guide"


  • Increases vacuum flowto Blow Off Valve with larger hose/larger manifold nipple
  • highly recommended for turbo chargers 450 HP horsepower or more
  • Enhances Acceleration Response
  • Prevents Compression Surge
  • Prolongs Turbo Life
  • Results are immediate
  • Easy Installation

Made in USA

Kit Includes: 
- 1) NPT Fitting screws into intake manifold (replaces small nipple) 
- 1) NPT Tap Threader Bit for tap threading intake manifold 
- 1) Drill Bit for drilling hole into intake manifold 
- 1) Vacuum Hose, 1/4” Inside dimension non-collapsible 
- 1) Loctite glue applied to threads on NPT Fitting


1) Using our Drill Bit provided, cut/drill out your existing (small nipple) on your Intake Manifold. 
2) Using our NPT Tap Threader Bit provided, tap thread intake manifold, and screw in new NPT Fitting with Loctite glue on threads. 10/min. set-time, 24/hr cure time. 
3) Slide on Vacuum Hose provided to NPT Fitting and your Blow-Off Valve port. No glue/hose clamps necessary. 

Key Notes: Ultimately ensure you are getting one smooth release on the BOV at throttle closure and that there is not any compressor surge, as compressor surge can damage the turbos. You will want to make sure you have a BOV (or diverters) that can move enough airflow from the system as well as having it adjusted properly.