kinobi lighting LED Headlight kits for automobiles and motorcycles

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CREE LED Headlight Bulb Kit


(Headlight LED kits for Automobiles and Motorcycles)

Great Upgrades for any Vehicle! Fogs or Headlights. Select Your Bulb Size...

Newest Design CREE LED Headlight replaces your standard halogen headlight bulbs, fog lights, or Day Time Running Light. These new CREE LED Bulbs produce total of 8000 lumens of light compared to 1600 lumens with regular halogen bulbs.

Everything is Included to Complete the Installation. The Ultra Compact Design is easy installation with our newer technology materials


  1. No cutting and re-wiring required for entire installation.
  2. CREE LED bulbs. No Filament
  3. More light output: 8000 lumens of light compared to 1600 lumens Halogen Bulbs
  4. 6000K color temperature (PURE WHITE)
  5. Built-in quiet fan on each LED bulb
  6. Highest quality
  7. Low Power Consumption
  8. Easy to installation (20~40 minutes for a beginner)

This LED Kit contains everything you need!

Package Includes:

  • 2) High Compact LED Drivers
  • 2) 12v High Output LED bulbs
  • Hardware
  • Operation Manual with English Instructions for wiring and installation
  • Warranty: 12 months 

High Compact LED Driver (2) included in Kit.

Note: This product does not replace the whole headlight unit.



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  • Item #: GPX8000-HL
  • Manufacturer: GP Xtreme
  • Condition: New

Affordable LED Headlight kits - Automobiles and Motorcycles CREE

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